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Liquid Waste Disposal

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    Liquid Waste Removal

    AHS provide a variety of specialist industrial services including liquid waste removal and disposal.

    Whether its septic tank, drilling, sand, silt or treatment plant waste for removal, our custom designed and manufactured tanker vehicles have powerful pumping capacity and the ability to dispose of materials with low moisture content, saving money by reducing the amount of water transported.

    Let The Experts Take Care of Your Liquid Waste

    We have vehicles ranging from 1,200 litre trailers to 20,000 litre tankers, able to bulk remove liquid waste to a processing or disposal facility of your choice, either to your own or to one of the facilities that we own and operate, or alternatively we can partner with you to provide a complete solution for your waste.

    AHS have expertise in loading and transport of all types of liquids including oil, sludge, silt, septic, industrial, roadway waste and contaminated water.  Our established network includes environmentally responsible and compliant removal and disposal methods and locations for all types of liquid waste.

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